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I'm your typical quiet, kinda neurotic chick just trying to get on with the rest of my life. My blog is about what I find interesting - sex, body art, food, booze, whatever I want. I like comments, they let me know people are actually reading this. This blog contains adult concepts that are not appropriate for those under 18 and may not be work-safe.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Taking a Stand

I have a confession to make. For some time, I've promoted a sex toy website and shop that I knew to have unethical practices. Even more unethical practices by them have come to my attention, and it's time that I put my foot down. You will see that I've removed posts and banners linking to them, and I will no longer be giving out my affiliate code. I will be remaining in that so-called "community" only to exploit the fact that they give out a ton of free shit, but I will not give them one more penny.

I'll be starting a new "non-R-rated" blog shortly.. as soon as I can think of a name for it. Any suggestions are welcome. It will center around cooking and food, but in true LSD fashion, also contain whatever the fuck else I want.